Dearest Family –

This reunion has long been a dream of mine. In the 1990’s, I discovered our long lost Prinster clan in the United States and joined them at a family reunion in Grand Junction. Since, I have hoped to host a Prünster and Prinster reunion in our original home – Merano, Italy. With over 150 Prünster/Prinster currently planning on attending, my dream is clearly shared by many of you.

I have many exciting things planned for you but don’t worry you will have downtime to enjoy Merano at your own speed and liking. We have built this website to provide the basics of the reunion schedule and feed your excitement. Please note some elements of the schedule are still in discussion and development but we wanted to provide a rough overview.

For many of you this is a big trip and cost, so I would like to thank you for joining us in Merano. I truly believe the memories and the experience will be worth every penny, the time, the jet lag and the hassle.

I look forward to seeing each one of you again or meeting any new family members.


Tayana Prünster