Travel Advice

Getting to Merano

The Prinster / Prunster reunion is being held in Merano, Italy. Merano is equal distance from Munich, Germany and Milan, Italy. Both the closest, largest international airports for travelers. There are options to either take train from either location or rent a car.

Special Notes: South Tyrolian names of towns are given in both languages, Italian and German.

  • Bozen = Bolzano
  • Meran = Merano

Traveling from Munich, Germany:

Merano is a 5 hour train ride South of Munich, Germany on the Deutsche Bahn (German Train) or a 3 ½ hour drive in a rental car.

Train Directions:

  • The S1 and S8 S-Bahn lines (subway/train) connect the airport to the Munich city cente/railway station at 10-minute intervals. The S1 travels via the west of the city and the S8 via the east. The trip to the main railway station at the city center takes approx. 35 minutes. 
  • From Munich City Center take the train to Meran/Merano (Italy), change in Bozen/Bolzano to the local train.
  • From Munich to Bozen between 4-5 hours, Bozen to Meran approx.. ½ hour.
  • There are direct trains to Bozen approx. 4 times a day. Price between 65-75 € a single ticket. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

Traveling from Milan, Italy:

Merano is 5 hour train ride Northeast of Milan, Italy on the TrenItalia (Italian Train) or a 3 ½ hour drive in a rental car.

  • Malpensa Milano airport is located 50 kms NW from Milan city center. The train Trenord – Malpensa Express links the centre/station of Milan with Malpensa airport and is the fastest option, approx. 1 hour. A one-way adult ticket costs 13 € with ticket discounts for children.
  • From there take the train to Meran/Merano, change in Verona and then in Bozen/Bolzano to the local train to Meran. From Milan to Bozen between 4-5 hours, Bozen to Meran approx.. ½ hour. Tickets can be purchases in advance, too.
  • There are usually no direct trains from Verona to Bozen, you always must change in Verona. Price between 30-50 € a single ticket. Sometimes you can find special offers (Price).
  • UPDATE: Starting January 2020, there will be some direct trains from Milan to Bolzano per day. Once we have final information, we will be sure to provide.
  • All ticket information can be found here.

Renting a Car

When using a rental car to travel to Merano, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You must get permission to park in Merano – or you will get fined. For those who take a rental car and stay in the centre of Merano (Villa Bergmann & Dependence, Sigmund), please send your car details and plate-number prior to arrival to Mrs. Schnitzer ( She will request permission to enter the town centre which is necessary for reaching the accommodation and parking for your accommodation.
  2. You might need to cross borders. Be sure your rental car company will allow this (f. ex. From Germany to Italy)
  3. If you plan to drive to islands (eg. Sicily, Sardegna or similar) after or before the reunion, please confirm with the rental companies as not all allow taking cars on ferries.